Wednesday, April 23, 2014

don’t wanna go to work today

instead i just want to stay home and:

  1. draw dragon age characters
  2. draw dragon age characters resting shoulder-to-shoulder after a long day’s trek and wearing shy half-smiles that suggest they’d like to be leaning in for a kiss
  3. draw dragon age characters giving the viewer a flirtatious, mischievous look that’s clearly a dare: "go on, then. put me in your sexy fanfic and pair me with EVERYONE. i know you want to…"
Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I haven’t been writing lately, but in the spirit of thinking about picking up where I left off with a few works in progress, I’ll post a nsfw Hawke/Varric ficlet I wrote somewhat recently. And then I’ll head off to bed.

Hawke’s gender can be considered open for interpretation in this piece. No first names or pronouns used…

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This would make me cry, too.

I fear I’m setting myself up for tears. (but I do actually feel pretty hopeful about Cassandra, fingers crossed) 

dalishmarshmallow said: 

Oh trust me. There will be fanfic regardless.

Good! If he’s not a DAI love interest, I might have to rely entirely on the fine talents of others to get my fill of Varric/Inquisitor fic…

As for me, I might just keep writing alternate timeline Varric/Hawke instead of shipping him into some new, canonically impossible relationship. cause the old wound is easier to bear than a new one… maybe?

dalishmarshmallow said: 

Praying they don’t make Varric straight if he IS a romance (same with Cassandra, of course.) I’ve been wanting m!elfquisitor/Varric since the game was announced basically.

i agree. i want that too. but we will write fiction regardless, right? at least i hope so. because i want to read all about your m!elfquisitor and varric getting together.

i want to build up a little nation of possibility that exists in the shared space of fandom. free to take liberties how and where we like.

i want to be optimistic, but… my pessimism refuses to leave me in peace. so i’m stashing it below the cut

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legendofshakarian reblogged your post thispersonisillogical asked:Did a… and added:

But then, who’s in the Judas position? OoO

*squints at War Table screenshot*




*erases all thoughts of Judas analogy/comparison/whatevs from my mind*

ah. shit.

now i’m poring over illustrations of The Last Supper. and I’m going with Da Vinci, because famous and all. and to me it looks like Varric might be in the position that would match up with Andrew the Apostle (whose name incidentally means “manly” according to wikipedia.)

so that’s what i’m telling myself. until proven wrong anyway.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

sometimes anons send me kind, helpful or thoughtful messages and i don’t reply. and that’s not because i don’t appreciate these messages.

sometimes the wonderful anon messages seem to me like they ought to be part of a private conversation. and since the only reply option is to publish them… i just don’t do anything. 

(so to last night’s anon, thank you! i appreciate both your messages and i’m sorry i didn’t reply to the previous one.)

i want to reply to everyone, but i’m on my phone browser and none of that fancy stuff works…

till tomorrow friends. thanks for keeping me updated. we can worry together!

cassandra for all the romances!

but is it true???? and do we know if cassandra/f!inquisitor is possible????

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Neither have I.

i am glad to know i’m not alone. if i do start reading them, maybe i will liveblog the reading experience under a cut for those who want spoilers to follow along with. not sure how informative or interesting that would be, however.

*whispers* You’re not missing out on much

hmm, i keep hearing that. maybe part of the reason i haven’t rushed out to buy them? but i kind of want to know about all this alistair-maric-fiona stuff because it baffles me whenever i read a post about fiona. all i’ve gathered is that she’s an elf and grey warden and she might or might not be alistair’s biological mother but the timeline is wrong but that doesn’t matter in dragon age because anders in kirkwall, for example.

*scandalized gasp*

i love this reply, i think i needed a scandalized gasp this morning! :-)

afragmentcastadrift said: 

No time like the present. Maybe this new one will be thrilling.

hmm, that’s one way to look at it. if i do decide to read them i might wait till summer, since it would give me something dragon age-related to do while waiting for inquisition.

but what sounds more fun to me than the books is rereading all the in-game codices and then just reading a summary of the books on wikipedia. i’m worried i’ll start them and never finish. i’ve been doing that with books lately.

confession: i have never read a dragon age book