Saturday, April 12, 2014

sometimes anons send me kind, helpful or thoughtful messages and i don’t reply. and that’s not because i don’t appreciate these messages.

sometimes the wonderful anon messages seem to me like they ought to be part of a private conversation. and since the only reply option is to publish them… i just don’t do anything. 

(so to last night’s anon, thank you! i appreciate both your messages and i’m sorry i didn’t reply to the previous one.)

i want to reply to everyone, but i’m on my phone browser and none of that fancy stuff works…

till tomorrow friends. thanks for keeping me updated. we can worry together!

cassandra for all the romances!

but is it true???? and do we know if cassandra/f!inquisitor is possible????

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Neither have I.

i am glad to know i’m not alone. if i do start reading them, maybe i will liveblog the reading experience under a cut for those who want spoilers to follow along with. not sure how informative or interesting that would be, however.

*whispers* You’re not missing out on much

hmm, i keep hearing that. maybe part of the reason i haven’t rushed out to buy them? but i kind of want to know about all this alistair-maric-fiona stuff because it baffles me whenever i read a post about fiona. all i’ve gathered is that she’s an elf and grey warden and she might or might not be alistair’s biological mother but the timeline is wrong but that doesn’t matter in dragon age because anders in kirkwall, for example.

*scandalized gasp*

i love this reply, i think i needed a scandalized gasp this morning! :-)

afragmentcastadrift said: 

No time like the present. Maybe this new one will be thrilling.

hmm, that’s one way to look at it. if i do decide to read them i might wait till summer, since it would give me something dragon age-related to do while waiting for inquisition.

but what sounds more fun to me than the books is rereading all the in-game codices and then just reading a summary of the books on wikipedia. i’m worried i’ll start them and never finish. i’ve been doing that with books lately.

confession: i have never read a dragon age book

the ominous mundane

i dropped the carton of almond milk and it split open ever-so-slightly at one of the bottom corners. so i had to find a big pitcher from the back of the kitchen cabinet and pour all the almond milk into it. 

there is something not quite right about a day that begins this way. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 Monday, April 7, 2014


I think I figured out how we might see the Warden in Dragon Age: Inquisition…


Saturday, April 5, 2014

blackthirteen said: 

varric sneaks down to the kitchen to make breakfast-in-bed for the sad lady hawke and is very glad that bodahn has put everything at dwarf level so it’s reachable (but he still burns the bacon) (he puts extra spice in the homefries to make up for it)

this is wonderful. you are wonderful. thank you for this amazing gift of writing!

(i’ve been sending replies via ask, but i simply can’t NOT post this. an OTP fic gift for a sad morning is just the sweetest thing. and maybe i won’t delete that original post after all… i was feeling really vulnerable about being sad, but all the virtual hugs and messages and now THIS BEAUTIFUL FICLET are making it better.)

Favorite Mass Effect class?


Reblog this for Infiltrator

Others: AdeptSoldierEngineerVanguardSentinel

this is me though adept is very close second, maybe tied.

i feel so sad this morning